Engeland heeft het voornemen om een electronische database online te lanceren waarin alle medische gegevens van de Engelsen worden opgenomen. Vergelijkbaar met ons Electronisch Patienten Dossier (EPD). De Engelse overheid heeft dan ook het voornemen om het DNA van patienten in deze database op te nemen.

The Government has admitted it wants to store patients’ DNA samples  on the new NHS computer system.Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo says her ‘long-term objective’ is to put people’s genetic profiles on the £12billion Connecting For Health database. The Connecting For Health register – due to come online in 2012 – will hold the electronic medical records of everyone in the UK.

But many fear it will breach patient confidentiality, as a million doctors, nurses and receptionists will have access to it. The surprising admissions came out of a House of Lords inquiry into genetic medicine last month.When asked if it was ‘valuable to combine genetic data with personal medical data’, Prof Davies replied: ‘The Government is absolutely determined to exploit this research opportunity.’

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