privacy_is_ours_busTwee Londense politie-agenten gelastten twee Oostenrijkse toeristen de foto's die ze van een Engelse bus maakten, te deleten teneinde terrorisme tegen te gaan. Kwamen ze "onze" bus tegen?

Two Austrian tourists have vowed never to return to London after police ordered them to delete their holiday photographs  - to prevent terrorism. The officers told them it was 'strictly forbidden' to take pictures of anything to do with public transport, before ordering the pair to delete the offending photographs. They then took the Matzkas' details, including their full names, passport numbers and hotel address.

Mr Matzka, a retired TV cameraman from Vienna, said that the 'nasty incident' had 'killed any interest' the family had in returning to London.

'I've never had these experiences anywhere, never in the world, not even in Communist countries,' he added.

Bron: Daily Mail